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Jessica is so cold

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Rihanna destroyed CBS’ attitude towards domestic abuse in 2 tweets 

Rihanna is not happy with CBS’s decision to cancel her performance before last week’s Thursday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. 

Sensing that an appearance by the singer — who was the victim of a highly publicized domestic abuse incident herself — might bring them some bad press in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal, the network decided to scrap her show. Rihanna wasn’t pleased

"The audacity" is right.

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Wait, so cops manage to bring in convicted mass murderer (and armed) TJ Lane unharmed and alive after he escapes from jail, but an unarmed Mike Brown gets shot while surrendering because the cop was supposedly afraid?



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For future seasons why can’t CBS use Joker’s weekly daily hg ranking to determine the AFP?

Allison Grodner:


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someone please tell me what jacosta has done in this game and why people seem to like her

she made an alliance with jesus and god and called it the trinity. biggest move of the season. of course when you have god on your side you’re a huge threat. that’s why they had to get her out asap.

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Are people seriously thinking Frankie getting hate and”special attention” because he gay? Have they not watch the live feeds?